5 communication and marketing trends to follow for businesses of the future


For companies, communication is an increasingly important issue. Mastering its reputation, expanding its market share, creating a brand identity are all fundamental issues for companies for which communication has a central role.
But communication is also increasingly complex: the media are changing and multiplying, the circulation of messages is accelerating, and the image of companies is more and more fluctuating.
1 – Corporate communication in transparency and authenticity:
The advent of digital, social networks and live video are obviously fundamental trends that already mark corporate communication. But there is a real underlying issue underlying these trends: consumers want more transparency in their relationships with organizations. The desire for instant information, live images and direct communication is a sign that consumers want to know what’s going on inside organizations. They want to know the secrets of the brands, to have as much information as possible.
2 – Management of digital relationships with influencers and stakeholders:
Social influencers, bloggers, Instagramers and You tubers are the new ambassadors for brands and companies. Faced with consumer mistrust of brands’ discourse, influencer marketing is emerging as a big trend in corporate communication. But influencers are not the only stakeholders to gain importance in recent years. NGOs, specialized media, opinion leaders are increasingly important reputation builders for organizations.
3 – New customer-oriented communication for brands:
With new forms of communication, there are also new expectations on the part of those who receive messages from organizations: customers. For a very long time, customers waited for the communication of companies to answer two essential questions: what are the functional characteristics of the product and what interest is there in buying it. The communication therefore dealt with the usefulness of the product or service, the design, the price. She was talking about promotions, discounts.
4 – Communicate the social relevance of brands and companies:
The other issue, which is somewhat related to the previous one, is the social relevance of the company. According to the Reputation Institute, social relevance will be the most important lever of the reputation of brands and organizations. Social relevance is all the ways in which the company participates (or not) in overall well-being of society: does it protect the environment? Does it contribute fiscally and economically?
5 – Personalization of brand and communication messages:
Finally, the personalization of messages will become more and more important. Here personalization must be understood in two senses at the same time. On the one hand, the company must personalize its speech, that is to say give it a personality. The organizations that stand out today are those that have a strong brand identity, those that assume their roughness and that demonstrate consistency. Of course, they are also the most authentic and humble.


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