5 reasons to use social listening


Gone are the days when a simple keyword and link building strategy allowed you to be properly referenced. SEO is now linked to real marketing efforts, including social listening.

Social listening definition:

Social listening is defined by monitoring what is said on social networks.

To do this, your business must use tools that roam the web, blogs, forums and social platforms to find the mentions of keywords predefined by you. These keywords are generally related to your brand, your products, your services or your market.

Convert mentions into back links:

If your brand has been on the market for a while, you have surely gained popularity with your audience. In this case, several bloggers or media have surely mentioned your company or your services in their article. It may happen that the publications talking about you do not include leading links to your site. Your mission is therefore to find these mentions without links and to ask the authors to add it.

Guest blogging opportunities:

The advantage of guest blogging is undeniable for SEO and the generation of back links. It helps build a solid reputation for your website and your business. So, with social listening, you will be able to spot bloggers and influencers in your sector. You will have the opportunity to find companies similar to yours that have the potential to become partners.

Monitor your e-reputation:

With social listening, you can analyze a general feeling about your brand, your market or your product. This approach allows you to anticipate a possible bad buzz, in the event that a customer expresses his dissatisfaction in a somewhat noisy manner.

Google’s algorithms act like humans and take account of what is said about a business. Too many negative reviews can drag you down the rankings.

Block bad incoming links:

Thanks to social listening, you discover in real time the links redirecting to your website. If they come from unreliable and spam my sites, it can hurt your SEO. You can therefore block them from your Search Console to prevent your SEO from losing quality.

 Increase mentions about your business:

The evolution of SEO methods shows that SEO is also played on social networks. The more you are cited on Face book, Twitter and others, the more popular, viral and better rated by Google.

In addition, the more you increase your notoriety, the more your traffic also increases. People will research you, click on the links you share on social media, and even write their own articles about you.

This is why you should work to increase the number of mentions of your brand. With social listening, you can be reactive when someone quotes you. Remember to answer him politely and kindly, be available to accompany customers and help them solve a problem.



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