Basic statistics you need to know for website management


There are two ways to use data.

The first method is to use access information to the company’s website for future operations. Advances in technology have made it possible to obtain a wide variety of access information using free access tools. If you use external tools such as various social media and e-mail magazine services, data will also be accumulated there. Let’s make the most of abundant data.

The second is to use internal and external data as part of the content. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is promoting the use of public data that the government has open data. The feature of open data is that it is secondary available. A lot of data that can be used for secondary use with some modifications has been published on the Web.

Use of access information:

The first is the use of statistics in website management, the use of access information. It is said that there are three powers in statistics, that is, data.

Three powers of data

  1. Mirror
  2. Compass
  3. Gastro camera

 First of all,about the power like a mirror. Humans tend to interpret the current situation conveniently for themselves. For example, when buying a lottery ticket, the person who buys it after calculating the number sold and winning probability is very minority. If the number of sales and the winning probability are written along with the winning amount at the lottery counter, the number of buyers will probably decrease.

The feeling that you feel somehow without looking at the data is the illusion that it will surely be like this. Lottery is a dream buy, so the number sold and the probability of winning is not mandatory. However, in managing the site, it is necessary to use the mirror of data to accurately grasp the reality.

Next is the power of the compass. Data can start with an understanding of the current situation and derive correlations and patterns. After confirming the current situation of this is the first time this way and the second time this way, you can predict that the third time will do this. Let’s use this prediction, that is, the direction indicated by the compass, in implementing the measures.


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