Common iPhone Case Problems and Solutions


It is known to us that the phone cases are able to help defend our phones against drops, scratches, and dirt. You will find the same problems on your phone case after using it for a period of time, such as scratches and cracks, yellowing and becoming faded. We use our phones for a long time, and regardless of which case you own, most people don’t regularly take their cases off and clean it.

Why should we be concerned about our phone cases? A neat and clear case makes you feel better. In addition, we are supposed to make full use of our phone cases and stop changing them frequently. Therefore, why not pay close attention to our phone cases?

Phone Case always Meets some Problems

Mobile Phone Case Get scratched:
Not just our phones, but also the phone cases are also getting scratched. Certainly, in our daily life, it will inevitably encounter bumps, scratches and other conditions. How often do you use your phone in a day? I suppose your answer is frequently. Except for this, when we put our cell phones and keys in a pocket, and gradually the phone cases will become.

Phone Case Turns Yellow and Get Dirty:

Phone case becomes yellow and dirty is extremely general problem in daily use. First of all, due to the poor quality and material of the phone case, then, not long after, the phone case will be yellowing and faded. Secondly, if a new phone case is struck by sun and light, it would be oxidized and then turn yellow. In addition, the sweat and bacteria on people’s hands will also damage the phone case and too many fingerprints on phone cases is neither beautiful nor sanitary.

Color of Phone Case Changes and fades easily:

Some people like their phone cases with the awesome designs, it can not only look beautiful but also show the personality and charm of owner. These are usually silicone cases, but these stylish phone cases will always meet the same problems: the patterns gradually getting vague and incomplete. It might suffer   wearing and tearing. What’s more, pattern will be damage when the phone cases in poor quality meet water and sweat.

How to Use your Phone Cases Better?

You should know how to choose a phone case according to your demand. There are a number of choices in terms of materials, like plastic, silicone, carbon fiber, wood, metal. Which one can protect our phone better? Just like plastic case, it can be hard or soft, and it can be shaped into a variety of types. The silicone is a soft, flexible material that makes terrific protective cases. It can also be quite sticky, which can be tough to clean. And metal cases protect phone from falls and scratches.

It is quite hard to find a case that can fulfill all of your requirements. But you shall be finding your case that almost suits your needs. Different materials have different features. Think about additional features you might want in a case, just choose one you need. Maybe you can try to have a phone case test. If you have the opportunity to check out the case before you buy, then we recommend doing so. After all, it’s always better to get a hands-on feel.

On the contrary, if you would like to buy online, you should ask the seller weather have the free replace service. And then you can test your phone case. So, how to Test Your Phone Case? With the hard case you should look for any scratches and the soft case that you can fold it slightly, as long as you don’t drop it on the ground deliberately. And then, after installing, we’d better clean our hands and use carefully.


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