Complete guide of procedure and method of selecting search keywords


The first thing you need to do when implementing SEO measures is to select keywords. If a keyword with a large search volume (number of searches) can be displayed at the top of the search result list screen, many potential customers will visit your website, which will likely lead to an increase in sales.

However, the keywords for SEO measures are not just good if the search volume is large. Even if the search volume is large, increasing the inflow of a keyword that does not contribute to increasing sales in your business does not make much sense. Therefore, in this article, we will specifically explain how to select search keywords in SEO measures. We will introduce concretely from how to find out the keywords to take countermeasures to how to search the search volume, and how to narrow down the keywords to actually implement SEO measures from the researched list that we found out.

What are search keywords in SEO measures?

Search keywords for which SEO measures should be taken are those keywords that are expected to be searched by prospective customers of your company’s business and services, and that can contribute to sales growth if they can be ranked higher on the search result list screen. Simply speaking, a search keyword is a keyword that the user is typing into a search window such as Google and performing a search, but a search keyword in SEO measures is a keyword worthy of countermeasures.

Procedure for selecting search keywords:

List search keywords

First, identify the keywords in your business or service that are likely to lead to conversions.

There are the following ways to find out this search keyword.

  • Identify search terms that converted in the past
  • Identify search keywords that are displayed higher on the search result list screen by competitors
  • Identify keywords where competitors are listing ads
  • Identify suggested keywords displayed when searching by product name / service name

Identify search terms that converted in the past:

  • Search terms that have actually converted in the past should be included in the list, as other prospects are more likely to search for them.
  • Previously, Google Analytics was used to find the search terms that converted in the past.
  • However, at present, the search keywords that resulted in conversion cannot be measured because the use of SSL (the entire website is constantly converted to HTTPS) made it impossible to see the keywords that came in.
  • Alternatively, if you have a marketing budget, you could try exposing your keywords to keywords that are likely to convert, such as Google ads.

Identify search keywords that are displayed higher on the search result list screen by competitors:

Search terms that your business or service competitor ranks higher are likely to also search for prospects for your business or service, so make sure to add them to your search keyword list. A quick way to find out which search keywords your competitors are displaying is to use an SEO tool such as ahrefs.


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