Good Things to Know Before Using Social Media Business


Why social media is used in the business scene?

It’s somewhat violent to justify the use of a business simply because of a large number of users. Behind that, there is always a premise that can be directly or indirectly linked to awareness of companies brands, services and products, attracting customers, and profits. In addition, since the degree of reach, understanding and interest that indicates how many people can see information for the general public is high, it can be said that companies use social media as a place for promotion etc.

So what are the benefits of using social media for business?

Ease of posting:

Although there are some differences depending on the SNS used, the preparation period for creating a business account and posting is short, and posting is not technically difficult. Also, with the advent of smartphones and the improvement of the communication infrastructure environment, posting anywhere in Japan is possible regardless of location and time.

Information diffusion:

Information can be transmitted to a wide range, and the information can be further expanded through many users. The more information the user is interested in, the more the information will be disseminated even if left alone, and as a result, many users will be able to assist in the notification activities.

Low cost marketing is possible:

It can be said that the cost performance is overwhelmingly higher than promotion using conventional mass media and market research. Of course, depending on the target and method of promotion and market research, it may not be possible to simply compare with the mass media, but it is a sufficient merit to be able to perform high-precision marketing at low cost depending on the device.

CRM socialization:

CRM, also known as customer relationship management, used to be designed to improve customer convenience, satisfaction and trust in one-to-one relationships. Relationship has been established. As a result, communication between companies and customers, and between customers, the company’s ability to respond to customers and attitudes toward customers can be seen by an unspecified number of social media users, triggering the creation of new customers.

How to use social media in your business?

So far, you can see why social media is used in business. So, if you use the business in the same way as a personal account, will you achieve the desired results? The answer is “No.” From now on, let’s think about how to work on social media business specifically.

Basic business utilization types and concepts:

Currently, there are various types of social media. Before using these in business, be sure to use them personally to understand their characteristics, get used to basic operations, and why it is necessary to use social media in business, that is, it is possible to use it according to your own purpose It is important to determine the meaning. This section describes how to use social media business in four categories.

Social listening type:

Opportunities for customers to listen to customers’ voices were generally collected through surveys and interviews, but with the spread of social media, the focus on customer voices on social media has been increasing. This method focuses on investigating and analyzing the reputation and improvement points of company-related keywords, and competitive analysis. Since the content is analyzed from the keywords spoken on social media, it is possible to grasp the voice as it is, without being affected by questions like surveys and interviews.

Information transmission type:

The mainstream is to use and think about social media as a tool for selling oneself, and to send and guide information on their products, services, events, and so on. Many people want to provide useful information to social media users, but it is difficult to determine what information is needed and what useful information is, and it tends to be selfish. For example, in the case of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other video sites, it is important to understand the characteristics of each tool, its user demographics, situations, etc., and transmit information that is conscious of being seen by many people.

User participation type:

Content that social media users want to spread is prepared in SNS, and information is spread by the user participating and taking some action. For example, they are asked to post episodes and photos related to their products and services, solicit product planning and naming, and are used as campaigns, branding strategies, and discovering ideas. What is important in user participation is the content and structure that make it easy for users to participate, and it is important that participants can enjoy it.


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