How does Google display its search results?

How does Google display its search results

Have you ever seen any products or services on Google or Facebook after buying the same type of product on Amazon?


Each user session, or each personal computer (PC), has the browsing history performed on the web. This information is used by GAF. Their main argument is to present search results that best match the user’s profile. In reality, the argument is rather commercial presenting products that correspond to a “pre-purchase” search. A kind of mini-market study before purchase. SEO tuition has a mission to guide the peoples.


TrainingSeven a navigation on YouTube, ended up displaying search results that are based on research, and the views already made you have searched for videos of aircraft? We offer other videos of aircraft. You have searched for videos of tutus? We offer you other videos of tutorials. Etc. It’s the same principle as searching for products to buy on the internet. It is also the same principle for any type of search done with Google: Just perform the same search on two different PCs, different users or even located in two different cities. Because yes, even relocation by IP address is taken into account.


Small experience: an individual in the South of France, phone a correspondent who is in the North. Everyone does the same search on Google. Unless you do an ultra-targeted search, such as “collection weapons interview products”, there will be different search results for everyone. And even! In the case of “collection weapons maintenance products”, relocation will play a role. Of course, there are shops close to each of the two Internet users who do this search on the web.


What relationship with SEO?

By serving results that revolve around the same subject, we end up going around in circles and staying in a bubble of information. We see it on Facebook: by liker, to click, or to share articles revolving around the same theme, we ended up having suggested articles, or advertisements, centered on this same theme.

  • We are well trapped in a bubble of information.
  • Prisoner of a news bubble
  • Prisoner of a news bubble
  • This bubble is created by our own behavior but organized by the algorithms of the developers of Google, YouTube, and Facebook.


How to check his SEO?


To escape a digital system, just get out of this system. Specifically, it would use a search engine that does not work like Google. We could take as Want search engine. Ideally, we should see on different PCs, and located in different cities, the results of the same research. And by pushing the reasoning to the end, we should perform this research on the positions of our prospects, otherwise called “target customer”. Since in reality, it is from these posts that will be carried out searches that can display your web page, or your corporate website. According to a multitude of parameters, including their relocation, as well as their browsing history.




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