How to find lost AirPods with Find My AirPods


How to locate lost AirPods with Find my iPhone:

Apple introduced Find my AirPods within the Find my iPhone app in iOS. It works via Bluetooth, and the good news is that the AirPods don’t have to be close for you to find them although they do have to be in range of an Apple device signed in to your iCloud account. To do this, simply open the Find my iPhone app on any iOS device running iOS and select your AirPods from the list. If your AirPods are close to one of your Apple devices, the live location will be displayed in-app, along with a handy button that’ll help you locate them.

You can tap Actions and then Play Sound in the AirPods section of the Find my iPhone app, forcing your earbuds to start chirping and thus making them easier to locate. But what if you’ve only lost one bud, and you have the other in your ear? Don’t worry, you won’t be deafened: the app gives you the control to mute either earbud, and even if somebody has it in the ear, the volume will gradually increase as to not cause immediate discomfort.

But what if both the earbuds and the case are dead? While you won’t be able to get a live location, the app will pinpoint the last location that it could detect a Bluetooth signal. Hopefully this combination of features will allow you to locate your lost AirPods. If you’re sure you can’t find them, your only option is to contact Apple and get a replacement sent out.

Lost AirPods case:

What can you do if you have lost your AirPods charging case? The case is required for charging and pairing the AirPods, so if you don’t have it your AirPods are essentially useless once they run out of charge. Unfortunately, Find My AirPods won’t locate your case if your AirPods aren’t inside, so how can you track the case down? Short of looking down the sofa and checking the bottom of your bag one more time, you may have to turn to Apple to get a replacement.

How to clean the AirPods case:

As the AirPods case doubles as a quick recharge pack for the earbuds, there’s a good chance it will always be in your bag or pocket. This means that the unit will also need a good clean from time to time. The exterior can be given a quick wipe with slightly damp cloth, or even a wet-wipe, just be sure not to let any liquids get into the lightning port at the bottom of the case.

To clear the port of any fluff or debris, use the soft brush that we mentioned above for the AirPod speakers meshes. Should you find that there’s a build-up of lint in the port you can also coax it out with a toothpick or similarly sized plastic object. Be very careful with this though and try to only dig at the top of the lint to drag it out, rather than inserting the toothpick into the port itself. There are metal connections at the bottom and sides of the cavity that can be damaged if you go poking at them.


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