Introduces the difference from Web marketing, strategy planning and methods


Digital marketing is often abbreviated as dogma, and it is not uncommon for specialized departments to be created recently. This shows that it has been widely recognized and spread. Why is digital marketing attracting attention? I will explain the basic knowledge, with the difference from the conventional web marketing.

Difference between digital marketing and web marketing :

Digital marketing and web marketing are often regarded as similar, as the technical center is the Internet, and implementing measures on the web is common. So are they just buzzing wording traditional concepts to drive demand in the IT industry? The differences are in the scope of the world we are targeting for marketing. As the name implies, web marketing is marketing that focuses on websites, and it can be said that marketing is closed only to the world of websites.

On the other hand, digital marketing is not limited to the world of websites; it is marketing that utilizes all the data and touch points that can be obtained digitally. In web marketing, many people consider how to enhance the content of websites operated by companies, how to attract and guide customers, and lead to actions such as purchasing. Specifically, this includes SEO measures, the use of listing advertisements, access analysis and subsequent improvement of websites. We implement measures mainly on the Web, and measure the effects using information that can be obtained on the Web.

Digital marketing is a policy that strongly connects with customers :

At present, the digital point of contact with customers, such as advertisements displayed on websites, company websites, emails, and apps, has become very diverse. Digital marketing captures these points comprehensively. This includes not only data adjacent to your company’s website like web marketing, but also word-of-mouth websites and SNS, as well as digital signage and digital point membership information, and location information such as where you accessed it.

In addition, an approach through O2O (Online to Offline), which links online stores and real stores, is also possible. That’s why by sending the right message at the right time, you can build deeper relationships with each and every customer.

The rapid acceleration of this trend is none other than the spread of smart devices. The mainstream of consumers getting information, purchasing services and products, asking for support, and sending out themselves is mainly done using smart devices. Especially in the young generation who use smart phones, information that is closer to you, such as SNS than official information, and information that you trust is the primary criterion, and it often does not progress according to the story drawn by the company. I have come.

This isn’t a pinch for marketers, but it’s a chance for digital marketing to connect with customers much more than web marketing. This is your chance to get a strong fan of your brand and product. This is because it is easy to link users and terminal users, and there are aspects where more accurate marketing is possible. However, in other words, if digital marketing is not possible, it may be more difficult to connect with customers than before.


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