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It’s time we wind up our winter wardrobe and start gearing up for spring and summer. Winters are finally gone, the sun’s shining bright and the flowers have started blossoming, it’s finally time to put away all the warm clothing. It’s time we upgrade our closet with lighter stuff to beat the scorching summer heat. The latest Pakistani trends in the world of glitz and glam have a long list ranging from every day basics and casual clothing to luxury formal attires perfect for the never-ending wedding season. It is all about comfy yet stylish clothing which includes quirky yet fun designs, stripes, prints and a lot more. And this season, it is quite important to stay up to date with fashion trends because every woman wishes to set the benchmark trends in order to get hands on the latest style statements.

Statement Dupattas

Dupattas have been a great addition to our luxury pret wear. It used to be an extra piece for the outfit just hanging on the side or around the neck but this season has been a little different. Heavy dupattas are all that we have this season. Laces, ruffles, block prints, rilli, gotas and a lot more glam on the dupattas to make your outfit entirely gorgeous. Whether you have a plain dress or something heavy, a statement dupatta will lift your entire look! Designers are working more on dupattas.

Long Shirts

All those who disliked short and medium length shirts will fuss no more cause this summer, you can get your shirts stitched in your desired length. Long length shirts are finally back. You can pair them up with culottes or cigarette pants as slimming cigarette pants look the best! Moreover, long, flowy gowns are also trending this season.

Chikankari Straight Cut Shirts

For something quite elegant and timeless, you need to keep an eye on brands. Long straight cut kurtas are quite in these days and are also keeping up with global fashion trends. Chikankari shirts have been trending for quite a while now and you can pair them up with bold dupattas to give a more heavy look and matching straight pants for semi-formal events and gatherings.

Embroidered Denim

This was the the first brand to offer denim kurtas which were admired by all the customers and more than that, it turned out to be an inspiration for the other brands as well as other fashion labels. Denim kurtas can be plain and can be bold and bright with embroideries on the sleeves and on the neckline and borders. This can be the best form of casual apparel.

Kundan and Meenakari Jewelry

Going towards the traditional side, weddings are meant to be for some glitz and glam. Pieces of jewelry are a must for weddings and occasions. So, if you’re wearing a floral lehenga, kundan or meenakri jewelry and chand baalis will make you look pretty and graceful and will help you create a style statement. These are beautiful and come in different styles and colors to match your outfit.

Can we define fashion in one word, the answer will be NO. Fashion has so many different aspects that it can be define and described in many different and unique ways. The race of fashion is going on since ages and will continue till the end of the world, but one it comes to ladies fashion the bar is set even higher. Let us give you a view of summer fashion Pakistan.

Wearing something in fashion has become a norm. We see lots of fashion freaks who start their day with fashion news updates. Everyone wants to look beautiful and trendy, wearing latest fashion helps you in it. But the fashion that you follow has to reflect who you are, it has to be an extension of your personality rather then something imposed on you. To know what is coming in summer fashion Pakistan will help you stay ahead of the competition.

Fashion is something not bound by age. It is a type of self-expression and regardless of the age one has to be expressive. So be bold, fearless, and love yourself by wearing the latest fashion in town. This article will update you about what to wear in summer fashion Pakistan, whether you’re ‘into fashion’ or not….


It’s time to gear up for summer wardrobe. It is so much important for the ladies to get updated with the latest collections coming out from the famous brands. Ladies in Pakistan never compromise on wearing latest fashion and designs. It becomes a wish or desire of all women to set the benchmark by wearing the latest outfit from a popular brand or designer and be the torch bearer of summer fashion Pakistan.

As the winter has almost come to an end, famous brands are churning out latest designs and fabrics to increase their share of market. Let’s discuss some latest summer fabrics which are going to be a big hit this season. Fabrics like Lawn, cotton, chiffon, silk, will again going to be used as the main ingredient.

Trend and design:

The answer to the question of many readers regarding what is going to be the new trend this time. The trendsetters have decided to welcome back short or medium length shirts and kurti’s. Palazzos are completely out and instead of this, cigarettes pants are completely inn this season. Just imagine short or medium size shirt with smart cigarette pants will definitely give a trendy yet and elegant look for sure.

Colours and prints:

After the dress code n design, the other query which everyone has got is the color n prints among the dresses. There are so many different prints that are circulating in the market but you have to focus on the strong bold prints. It seems different shades of blues and sea green along with purple and yellow are going to be the pick of most of the brands. Digital print continues to be a hit this time as well. The brands as always are promising that the colors will not fade

What is right for you?

It is very important that you choose the prints and colors according to your skin tone and body structure. For e.g. if you have dark skin tone try to find out those prints in which you look more gorgeous one’s which will compliment your complexion. Shades of gray, light blue, purple, pink and khaki along with gold will look awesome on you.

Designers are launching ready to wear for the convenience of the many. Just don’t forget that you need to be confident about what you are wearing and you will shine. It’s only about the right choice and the rest will all fall in. Let us give you a glimpse of what is coming in summer fashion Pakistan.


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