Measurement tool that can verify SEO effects


Use the following measurement tools to verify SEO effectiveness.

It is a recommended measurement tool for SEO effect verification that can automatically acquire and check the daily search ranking.

Google Analytics:

It is a recommended measurement tool for SEO effect verification provided by Google, which can comprehensively analyze the access status of websites.

Search console:

This is a recommended measurement tool for SEO effect verification, which allows you to understand what keywords and inflows from search engines.

An effective blog site for SEO:

Blog format is an effective type of site for SEO there is the reasons for the high SEO effect of blogs are as follows.

Create high-quality pages efficiently:

If you use a blog template with Word Press, you can easily create one page just by posting only high-quality article content, so you can increase the SEO effect efficiently

Easy to update:

Anyone can easily update the page from the blog management screen and easily increase the freshness of the site, so the SEO effect is high

Easy to build internal links:

It is easy to build related links to the site, and it is possible to create a convenient page that makes it easy to move around the site, so the SEO effect is high

Easy to work with social:

Easy to install SNS button, easy to cooperate with social, and expect to get back links, easy to get SEO effect For example, you can easily install SNS button by embedding in Word Press template or using plug-in.

SEO effect of domain name:

Even if the domain name was one of the Google algorithm factors with more than 200,There is no SEO effect so far that greatly affects the search ranking It seems to be. In fact, there are cases where domain names that are not related to search queries are ranked higher.

Cases that cause bad SEO effects:

Due to cases that violate Google guideline is. We will guide you to the necessary measures to become the first place in keyword. It is important to avoid such cases and aim for a good SEO effect with measures that increase user convenience.


Let’s appropriately determine what measures have been taken and the SEO effects. By using Fetch as Google, setting up a site map, and creating an easy-to-understand directory structure, you can expect a quick effect by trying to promote the crawl index. It is important to aim for higher ranks while improving convenience and making the site easy to gather links.


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