Moz experts analyze Google’s movements and measures


Google’s local service advertising highlights the value of not relying on the company

Word-of- mouth marketing and loyalty initiatives are becoming increasingly important for non-store businesses that are hindered by Google’s local service ads. That said, the first small case study I’ve seen shows that local service ads can outperform traditional Google Ad Words ads in terms of cost and conversion hat’s the answer to everything we see.

Retail may shrink, but need to maintain physical substance:

Retails are being renewed as Amazon has become the the Everything Store and traditional home delivery is revitalizing. Large companies that can’t make money in this new environment could gradually scale down to showroom levels, increasing sales while significantly reducing costs. That’s because if you support each consumer, you can persuade them not to give up on the way, and you can up-sell by cross-selling.

Abstract business continues to focus on quality:

Quality is the most important factor for small local brands. For example, consider the following customers who value specific attributes

In addition, it is very important to evaluate and complete all points of contact with customers, such as I’ve seen a taxi driver start a shipping business on a sideline and grow up to quit driving a taxi, hire additional drivers, earn up to 5 stars and get a surprisingly positive review I’ve seen how they started collecting. All of this is because his customer service is remarkably wonderful.

SERP functions are expanded:

The target-type local SERP function is also expanded. Services and cities with local service advertisements increased, but Google has no intention of stopping there. Google has clearly stated its intention to create content that is both organic and local.

Direct traffic to websites decreases:

Attempts to maintain local search traffic on Google services will continue. Google’s Local Pack used to show direct links to websites, but in the last few years, direct links to those websites have been hidden in places that would only appear once or twice.

Google wants to provide local data directly on the site. As such, direct traffic from search to local sites will continue to decrease.

Google as a one-stop shop:

Search results pages and Google Maps will continue to grow as a one-stop shop for local business information. Web site of the small business’s still important, but you get the business information not the only place , including more detailed information, such as the above-described role as a data source is likely to be to play a. After reading these predictions from experts, local businesses of all sizes need to keep this.

Probably the best answer is neither. For brands that know how to play games well, Google represents an opportunity. Regardless of how the subtle implications of digital marketing change, companies that put consumers first are likely to dominate, and education will be the key to mastering.


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