New Fashion Trending 2020


It doesn’t matter whether you are a freelancer, web designer, stays at home mom or a college student – if you are looking to improve your lifestyle, spend time in upgrading your fashion. Being normal is always boring and the joy of dressing is really an art.

Want to become more stylish?

There are two ways: either hire a professional fashion designer or do it yourself.

Unless you are a celebrity or born with a golden spoon, you can’t afford most fashion designers. I know no one wants to start with a designer because most of us simply can’t afford, so that leaves with the choice of fashions.

So if you are looking for effortless ways and ideas to become more fashionable, I highly recommend you to start following the best fashion which I’m going to cover in this post.

They not only help you learn the best ways to wear what you own or help you become how to look more confident with your outfit or lifestyle. We all know that, if you wear the right outfit, you will automatically become confident. And who doesn’t want to become more stylish, confident and want to have celebrity looks?

It was a versatile year as far as styling trends and techniques go. We saw a major comeback with pleated pants, bold neon colors and winged eyeliner (which by the way never goes out of style). It hit us hard from the early when hair accessories like pearl clips and iridescent bags started making rounds this past year. In this digital age where the vast majority of the population is heavily inspired by Instagram bloggers/influencers and celebrities, to give you some better ideas for upcoming year, the leading makers of gorgeous designer lawn in Pakistan, has listed down some of the top Pakistani fashion trends that you should definitely look forward to in future:


Heavily inspired by long maroon kurti at one of her family functions, we all know this is not something new. But a lot of you will agree that a lovely ankle long kurti paired with a pair of cigarette pants or palazzos will never disappoint.


This has been coming for a while, but the dupatta is BACK on the fashion scene. Designers have definitely shown some love to this fashion statement.


Now hair game has had us drooling over her styling sense in addition to her makeup. Pearl clips, chunky flip clips, and statement worded clips for baby.


The dramatic false eyelash trend proves the beauty world is ready to be bold again. Take an idea from your favorite celebrities, we are calling it is officially the year of over-the-top, freakish lashes.


Khussas never go out of style. It can be chosen up for highlighting your overall appearance with the fashionable strokes. You can set it with the western taste by placing it in the company of jean and top or a full traditional kameez by means of tights and a long dupatta.


Believe me, this is a perfect choice for creating a lovely. This color can be matched with other pastels, as well as neutral hues. No matter if you are a young girl or classy lady, there are various easy ways to make these ethereal light hues work for you. Lawn pastel shalwar kameez or pastel shadi joras both are a huge hit.


Not confusing this with hair fringes, this clothing style has been adding light both in casual wear and formal wear. Fringe lining on your everyday lawn kurti to your peplum wedding shirt will never disappoint.

Since, we are talking about fashion, throw a look at all new festive collection of this year. Don’t forget to check out our website for all variants and place an order for the latest Pakistani suits.


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