Promote your company’s website locally


It can be difficult for local businesses to compete online. But, with some effort, small businesses can reach the people who become customers.

Sources of traffic for local businesses:

For many local businesses, it is difficult to decide on which marketing or advertising channels to invest. In order to make the correct decision you need to know where your potential customers are located, what averages they use to search for your services / products OR quite simply what are the sources of traffic for companies like yours.

Bright Local carried out a study to identify the main sources of traffic for local businesses.

Subsequently, search engines are now the way most people search for and discover local businesses. Google and other search engines have done a good job of integrating local lists with customer testimonials, integrated maps with directions, easy contact information, etc.

Online advertising for local businesses and businesses:

Our marketing journey is mainly focused on natural referencing. And even if I use SEO a lot and I like this source of traffic, it’s still good to have several. In case one day the Grand Mohican decides to change the algorithm, you can avoid unpleasant surprises.

High quality targeted traffic from influence sites in your area:

While the obvious platforms can be effective, remember smaller sites when buying ads. Local forums, blogs and news sites can deliver small, highly targeted traffic streams. Directories can help develop your brand to a ton of new prospects. In addition, most directories are free or inexpensive. Directories provide a great source of traffic by making you findable. If you are easy to find, this could lead to an increase in customers.

Promoting businesses locally through offline marketing strategies:

In the last time online marketing techniques are generally more effective than traditional offline methods, but that does not mean that offline marketing tactics are completely obsolete. There are still people who can be reached more easily through offline marketing than online campaigns. There are offline tactics that you can implement that can deliver even better ROI.


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