Reasons Why Mobile Phone Accessories Market is on a Growth Route


Major Factors Driving Growth of Smartphone Market in Pakistan

The rise in the overall Pakistan smart phone industry is influenced by a number of factors. Mostly, these factors are propelling a shift in the consumer preference from feature phones to smart phones.

Rapid Urbanization

The population in urban areas is increasing. Spending capacity, too, has increased. With mobile phones becoming an indispensable part of urban life, more and more consumers are spending on smart phones and accessories.

Decrease in the Prices of Smart phones

With the growth in market size, the number of players in the market has increased. Competition among mobile phone companies and ever-increasing volumes has pushed the prices down significantly. Now the smart phones are within the reach of common users, which is further contributing to volumes.

Network Connectivity

The service provided by the telecom companies has also improved by several notches. This has facilitated the increased adoption of smart phones by people across different strata of society that provides them access to the digital world.

E-commerce Shopping Websites

The influx of e-commerce websites has had a role to play in growing the mobile phone market in Pakistan – both by usage and by the sale of mobile phone itself.

While the money muscle of the e-commerce giants was used by them to increase their sales, it had a direct effect on uptake of smart phones by the Pakistani buyers. Vertical e-commerce companies focused on mobile phone accessories sector also led to an increase in demand for accessories.

Several exclusive launches that were heavily advertised, sold a lot of units. Communication of the “app-only” discounts brought in awareness about the benefits that a smart phone offered over a feature phone. “Apps”, as most people know it today, is something that is available on a smart phone only and makes life easy, in one way or the other; thanks to the big ad spenders of the e-commerce industry.

Major Factors Affecting Demand for Mobile Phone Accessories in Pakistan

The increase in the sale of smart phones in Pakistan has resulted in the rise in the sale of mobile phone accessories. Smart phones offer various features like camera, multimedia messaging, music, internet, location-based services and data storing and sharing. Mobile accessories further enhance the value of these features: like headphones, travel chargers, protective cases, power banks, USB cables, wireless speakers, memory cards, Bluetooth devices and selfie stick. Brands are providing a wide range of accessories to the consumers at an affordable range.

Wireless Accessories

With changing times, consumers have evolved and so have their choices. The focus has shifted towards easy and comfortable lifestyle – this simplification comes with a lot of additional technology in life. The wireless accessories for mobile phones satisfy this need. Wireless accessories, as insignificant as it may sound, ensure one does not have to spend time and effort in untangling wires. These allow the user to go about his or her daily chores without worrying about the wires.

Irregular Electricity and Power Distribution

Smart phones come with notoriously short battery life compared to the feature phones of yesteryear. The woes of a smart phone user are multiplied because of irregularity of power supply in smaller towns and hinterlands. To keep smart phone working in such situations and due to inadequate charging points in public spaces, users are increasingly opting for power banks. This has led to the spurt in demand for power banks in Pakistan.

Technological Advancements

Notably, until a few years ago, mobile accessories meant the charger, data cable and earphones. With the technological advancement, users in Pakistan are getting more inclined towards the high tech mobile accessories like Bluetooth devices, power banks, wireless headphones, etc.

Strong Distribution Network

Mobile phone accessories have also become a style statement these days. The branded stores provide a wide range of mobile phone accessories which are colorful, unique and trendy. The companies offering these accessories have a strong distribution network to promote and sell their accessories.

With all these factors driving growth, both businesses and consumers are in for some exciting times. Growth, as the popular belief goes, drives innovation. In Pakistan vice versa too is equally true!


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