Secure your site with HTTPS


What is HTTPS

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure is an Internet connection protocol that ensures the integrity and confidentiality of data transmitted between the user’s computer and the site. Users believe that they use the Internet securely and privately when accessing websites. We recommend that you implement HTTPS to secure users’ access to your website, regardless of the content on your site.

Encryption-Encryption of communication data protects against eavesdropping. This means that while a user is browsing a website, someone will not be able to hear the interaction, track the user’s actions across multiple pages, or steal information.

Data integrity-No data is tampered or destroyed unintentionally or in transit during the transfer of data.

Authentication- Ensures that the user is communicating with the intended website.

Best practices for implementing HTTPS:

Use strong security certificates

To enable HTTPS on your site, you need to obtain a security certificate. The certificate is issued by a certificate authority. Issuance requires a procedure to prove that your organization actually owns the web address, thereby protecting you from man-in-the-middle attacks. When setting up your certificate, choose a 2,048-bit key for a high level of security. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a site certificate:

Use server-side 301 redirects:

Redirect users and search engines to HTTPS pages or resources using server-side 301 HTTP redirects.

Check if Google can crawl and index HTTPS pages

Do not block HTTPS pages with robots.txt files.

No index do not include meta tags in HTTPS pages.

Use a URL inspection tool to test whether Google bot can access your page.

Support HSTS:

We recommend that HTTPS sites support HTTP Strict Transport Security.HSTS http instructs browsers to automatically request an HTTPS page even if the user types in the browser’s address bar, and instructs Google to display a secure URL in search results. This minimizes the risk of providing unprotected content to users.

Consider using HSTS preload:


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