The 5 digital marketing trends to follow closely in marketing


Today, the world of digital marketing is evolving at high speed and thanks to the internet; you can access different sources of information to stay abreast of new trend. Every day, every month, new changes and new updates are emerging in the world of digital marketing, inbound marketing, content marketing, social networks…

Here are 5 key trends in digital marketing that you should not ignore and in which you should consider investing your time, energy and resources to orient your strategy towards the best choices.

Influence marketing:

Influence marketing, or influence marketing, is a type of digital marketing that relies on opinion leaders to promote a product. Indeed, influencers, Internet celebrities become new ambassadors, brands in new communication strategies.

Followed by millions or hundreds of thousands of followers, for reasons of trust. Often coming from forums, social networks, online communities … New start-ups are turning more and more to bloggers and you tubers. In order for them to obtain positioning on the market. To reach a target audience and to gain virility, visibility and notoriety, but above all to generate leads, increase conversion rates, and increase their sales.

The story of social networks:

Social networks are becoming today. A pillar of digital marketing. The Story photo or video format, which has become a real means of communication, which is attracting more and more social network users, for businesses, it is a new way of communicating with their customers, but also to seek to new prospects.

Content experience:

As you already know, content is becoming more and more important in any inbound marketing strategy, content experiences are defined as the fusion of content and context. This is important, because each piece of content conveys an experience, whether good or bad, through elements such as design, user experience, performance, placement, and environment.

Interactive content:

As part of a content marketing strategy, interactive content marketing highlights the responses to the new digital marketing trends, the latter allows to encourage your prospects to carry out purchasing actions, even before; that we reveal to them information on products and which can take different forms, online games to browse content, quizzes, surveys, or even guided tours.

The emergence of new technologies:

Connected clients, artificial intelligence, online algorithms, connected objects, the fifth generation of standards for 5 G mobile telephony. And even the way, users interact today. With online advertisements, will really transform over the next few years.

Above all, it is the way that users of new technologies access and use content. That said, to follow this digital revolution today, companies must agree to abandon the classic paradigms of marketing and opt for marketing oriented towards a customer who is no longer captive through the personalization of digital video, voice search, connected televisions. Will allow users to interact directly with online advertisements from their mobile devices.


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