What are Google marketing tools for business


But how many people use Google tools other than search engines? Google offers a variety of tools that are very valuable to marketers. So, this time, I tried to summarize Google’s marketing tools that I want to hold down. Please use it immediately for your business.

Google My Business:

I wish I could post business ads on Google for free. But don’t you give up that it’s impossible for free? You can do that with Google My Business. ┬áThe method is very simple. All you have to do is register for Google My Business. Once registered, your business will appear in Google search and Google Maps local search results.

Google+ page:

The Google+ page is becoming increasingly important for businesses other than local businesses due to the abolition of Google authorship and the removal of Google from Google search. Given the scale and impact of the Google Great Empire, Google+ pages are no longer essential for any business. Ideally, keep the page active at all times, but even if you can update it infrequently, create a Google+ page for now.

Google Ad words:

If you want to boost your search ranking in natural search, you can try using paid Google Ad words. Google Ad words are a pay-per-click advertising service provided by Google. Let’s explain briefly for those who have never used it. Start by creating ads that target specific keywords related to your business.

Google Ad Words Keyword Planner:

If you want to enhance your natural search SEO, the most important task you have to do first is keyword research. Through keyword research, you can identify keywords that should be included in blogs and websites, determine the direction to focus on SEO measures and content creation, and attract desirable visitors.

Google Drive:

Google Drive is a free online storage service provided by Google. Users can save up to 15GB of data such as photos, documents and videos on the cloud for free. When you want to send large images and power materials to team members, emails can be stressful. Google Drive lets you share files and folders with others, so collaboration are smoother.

Google Analytics:

How many of your visitors to your website are new visitors and how many are repeaters? What is the visitor’s time on site? What is the bounce rate? With Google Analytics a free website analysis tool from Google, you can see all these important items.Analyzing site traffic with Google Analytics can help you understand how visitors find your site and how it works on your site.

Google Trend:

Google Trends is a Google Trends keyword planner that helps you choose effective keywords. You can find out how many times a particular keyword is searched, compare it with other variations, and see what waves are in your search depending on language, region, and time. It also presents related keywords, which can be useful when thinking about new keyword ideas.




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