What are the effects of profile linking and Harmful spam links?


Benefits of checking back links:

The best seo expert in Pakistan tells that link is a very important element in seo. You understand that links are important, but how many links are on what pages on your site? There are few people who know. However, knowing it is very useful for planning content and deciding the direction of promotion.

When doing seo, it is very important to check the back link of your site. It is also important to know the content, and which content is linked to. It is also important to know. I would like to describe why it is important to understand back links and the harmful effects of spam links.

Site linked:

What kind of content is often linked to? What about the number of inflows from that link source? By knowing this part, you can know the contents that are easy to link, and the tendency of the site to link. The link may be on social media, or it may be a social bookmark. It may be linked from a personal blog or it may be linked from a portal site.

It may be possible to get more hints and notices than just SEO to know what kind of introduction is being done.

Unexpectedly, there are many garbage links:

You can see that you can actually check the back links, but there are quite a few links from sites that are automatically generated. These links are probably not subject to evaluation and can be excluded.

Examples of trash links vary from sites that evaluate domains to sites that automatically link sites that contain specific words.

If there are traces of past self-play links:

The problem here is when you have performed a self-playing link in the past. There is a possibility of taking a penalty, and the link profile becomes messy.

It is really hard to exclude trash links + past self-playing links:

I work and sometimes list spam links for reconsideration requests, but it takes a lot of time and effort. If the number of self-playing links is tens of thousands of units, it may be better to give up searching for natural links.

You won’t know how many real links your site has gathered, and it’s harder to figure out what content was gathering links.


I always felt that checking link profiles was important. I think that it is widely known that links are very important in seo, but there are surprisingly few people who actually check links in detail. Where do I see and what do I use? I think there are many other ways to use it.

Also, if you have a link profile that looks like a nest of self-playing links, it will be difficult to see the information that you should be able to see.

As mentioned, if there are tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of self-playing links, it is almost impossible to search for natural links.

I think that a site with a beautiful link profile is very wonderful now, so I recommend that you keep that state.



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