What Does Google Crawler Looking for to Rank Your Site? Describe by web development company in lahore

web development company in lahore

Google is known as the master search engine as holds the most shares as compared to any other search engine. Thus, if you become able to build the recognition of your website on Google, other search engines will surely recognize you. Our professional of web development company in lahore explain some google policies and factors that websites have to follow in order to get highest ranks in search engine result pages (SERPs). As the competition in the online market in tough, so you have to keep working in these factors for long term success.

Ranking Factors of Google:

Here are few amazing Google ranking factors listed down that can help you in ranking your website higher. They factor are:

Link Building:

There is no alternative of this effective SEO technique. Link building is the best technique for improving the domain authority and page rank of your website. There are so many versatile ways of building links for your website. You can use all of those ways to improve your search engine rankings.

Unique Content:

Google’s SEO policy revolves around unique and informative content. Try to write top quality and unique content on your website so that the visitors can find it interesting. The experts of web development company in lahore didn’t recommend to copy content from other websites as it badly affects your search engine rankings.

Optimize your website for mobile devices:

More and more internet users spend their time on mobile devices instead of computers. They love to go for the websites that can provide them useful information in a good format on mobile devices. Google also prefers to those websites that optimize their content according to different mobile devices.

Focus on on-page optimization:

While publishing the content on your website, you should follow methods of content writing by web development company in lahore include work on all the on-page SEO factors that include Meta title, Meta description, focus keywords, and alt image attribute and many others.


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