What is meant by PPC and How it relates with seo training in lahore

seo training in lahore

With PPC marketing, you pay to display your ads at preferred locations on sites and in search results. Our seo training in lahore make you capable to run PPC campaign for your client and get earn through it. This amount is your maximum Cost Per Click (CPC). Budget-conscious marketers appreciate this model because they only have to pay a fee when someone clicks on an ad.

Of course, not all clicks of your ads will lead to a purchase. But if you convert just few percent of those clicks and each customer spends money, you’ve already made a profit.

How does PPC marketing work?

Many web publishers and social networking sites host PPC ads. PPC ads are labeled Ad and appear above organic search results.

On social networking sites, PPC ads often resemble standard feeds in the news feed. The two most popular PPC models are auctioned and fixed rate. In either case, you create a fixed budget and choose the keywords you want to target. The main difference is that with real-time bidding, as with Google AdWords, you need to win the bid for the ad to appear.

The PPC platform suggests a bid amount for your keywords. When someone does a search, an auction is triggered between different officers targeting similar keywords. The platform awards the best placement based on maximum CPC and Offer or Quality Score.

As a small business owner, you may be reluctant to participate if the best location is for the highest bidder. Sophisticated PPC platforms, however, take other factors into account, which is explain in seo training in lahore course such as click through rate and relevance. Click through rate is the ratio of clicks an ad compared to the number of times it is displayed. The average clicks through rate for ads hosted on Google AdWords is about two percent, according to Word stream.


When performing an online search, the search engine strives to provide the most useful results. For a site to be well positioned in organic results, it must be optimized with relevant content and keywords.

Achieving high positioning takes a lot of time and effort. You need to update the site regularly and create content that people are asking for again.

PPC is a paid type of search engine marketing (SEM) that corresponds to a non-organic search process. To sum up, reconciling PPC and SEO can seriously boost your online marketing strategy. Consider these essential factors:

  • Short-term Lead Generation: SEO is a long-term strategy that depends on the creation of streaming content. Most websites, however, experience occasional drops in traffic when marketing efforts are running out of steam. Conducting PPC campaigns can help you attract new prospects. If your ads lead to quality and optimized sites, your PPC campaigns will be a great success and your fees will go down.
  • Accurate Targeting: A good keyword search is the basis of any PPC campaign. Using long-tail keywords can help you reduce the number of irrelevant clicks on your conversion rate. Many PPC platforms allow you to refine your demographic criteria. You can limit your audience based on characteristics such as age, gender, and browsing activity.
  • Performance measurement: Using real-time data, you can invest in small test campaigns and adjust your seo tactics according to seo training in lahore to improve your bottom line. PPC marketing gives you seamless access to the source and frequency of quality leads.



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