What Need help with the digital marketing skills gap?


A skill gap is the difference between the skills needed to perform a task and the employees’ actual skills.” The worst impact of the worsening skills gap is in the manufacturing and IT industries, but the marketing industry has also been adversely affected by this phenomenon. This is a number that we want everyone to look at. Skill gaps are a real problem. On the other hand, if you understand and take action on your own skill gaps, you may have significant benefits.

For example:

  • Become the people you want to hire
  • Can maintain employment more reliably
  • Become a skilled marketer required on site

Not a bad plan, right? So how do you get the skills you need to succeed?

Bridging the skill gap:

With introspection and effort, you will have the skills you need to succeed.

Identify weak points:

The first step in closing the skills gap is to identify weaknesses. Be honest with yourself. This is the basis for planning to improve your skills and develop your career today. This chart from the Online Marketing Institute can help you understand key areas of digital marketing and the level of skill gap in each category. Once you have identified areas that can be improved, make a plan.

Learn everything you can learn about the topic:

When learning new skills, you tend to be overwhelmed by the amount of work you do. So let’s start with an overview of the topic. Find a reputable qualification course or comprehensive guide in the field. For example, we recommend MOZ’s Beginner Guide to SEO (English for SEO for Beginners) Hub Spot Inbound Certification Course and Email Marketing Certification System. Try searching on Google. You will probably see the same product over and over again. But be careful with books. In an industry that is moving fast enough to create a skills gap, the content may be out of date by the time the book is published.

These basic courses will help you plan your future study. The point here is to use the certification system as a jumping platform, not a goal. For example, the email certification system allows you to learn about the four main themes of email marketing:

  • segmentation
  • Personalization
  • Mobile optimization
  • Analytics

Only practice;

The last step in closing the skills gap in digital marketing is practice. The greatest effort required to learn a new skill is the shift from learning (passive consumption of information) to execution (applying knowledge and producing results depending on the situation). With the help of a mentor, this process is much easier.

If you’re a HubSpot customer, HubSpot Projects is for you. HubSpot Projects is a step-by-step learning resource that outlines the tools and best practices needed to carry out important marketing activities. We combine tactical performance with best practices to help drive business growth.


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