Why back links are effective for SEO


The back link plays a great role in SEO measures. But do you know what the reason was in the first place? The reason that back links are effective for SEO measures is closely related to the way search engines evaluate sites. The reasons are explained below. We will guide you to the necessary measures to become the first place in keyword.

How search engines evaluate sites:

First, learn how search engines rate your site. Search engines rate sites from two perspectives:

Text match:

Search engines evaluate how many search terms are included in the text on the site. This perspective is called text matching. Text Match evaluates the number of keywords on your site, as well as where the keywords are located.

Link popularity:

Google ranks each site based on link popularity. This rank is called Page Rank.

Link popularity

I will teach you how to rank up

Importance of back links:

In this way, search engines rate a site from two perspectives: internal elements of the site and external elements. Accordingly, SEO measures are divided into internal measures and external measures, but external measures are more effective. The essence of external measures is to collect good links. The answer is that the higher the search is ranking, the more difficult it is to aim for higher with internal measures alone.

How to collect good back links?

If you want to improve your search ranking externally, you need to prepare a number of good back links. However, if you try to collect such back links on your own, it will take a lot of effort and time.

On the other hand, it costs money, but with paid services, you can efficiently collect back links with little effort. You can get better quality back links than you collect on your own, and the safety in the event of a penalty is also high.


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